Candles have always played a symbolic role in prayer, religion, meditation, romance, decoration, ceremonies and much more.

They are recognised for their mood setting allure and beauty. Their seductive flames and scents have served as a symbol of light used to enhance prayer and manifestation. They connect our thoughts to a higher consciousness and provide an effective way to turn your home or any space into a sacred sanctuary.

Candles transcend time with their rich spiritual history. Many people have found therapeutic and practical uses for candles in their homes. They include meditation, healing and spiritual balance.

Candles can serve a different purpose for each person hence all you have to do is light the particular candle and let its mission resonate with your thoughts. If you need to meditate and enter a peaceful, relaxing state, here are some steps to help you achieve your goals.

Prepare Choose a candle with a specific colour or scent to enhance your senses and purpose. Wear comfortable clothing and use a suitable room. Your surroundings should be serene and conveniently dark to allow the flames to become the primary source of light and avoid distractions. Place the candle at an eye-level position, so your gaze falls naturally on it.

Choose a position Meditation requires concentration and a relaxed mind. Choose a comfortable seating position. Use the floor, a mat or a symbolic cloth. A full or half lotus pose is ideal to get started. Avoid lying down for meditation as you could quickly fall asleep.

Meditate Take a few deep breathes and clear your thoughts. Fix a soft gaze on the flames and allow yourself to get mesmerised by it. Your thoughts may wander in the beginning but control them and continue to be fascinated by the fire.

At this time you would feel fully immersed and the feelings of peace beginning to set in.

The next steps are more specific and personal. If you have any worrying thoughts, reflect on the cause of your anxiety. Allow the light to uplift your consciousness and strip your fears.

If your intention is a healing or spiritual balance, then visualise the flame burning away all impurities, pain, anger, depression, guilt and so on. Feel the light radiating love around you and intensifying your prayers. Spend a minimum of two hours meditating for the first time and subsequently a minimum of 10 minutes daily. With time you will discover the immense benefits of candle meditation. You can equally light them in the home to emit positive energy and protection.

Source: Keriologia Candles

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