There is nothing better than the ultimate relaxing candle scent to seduce all senses.
Candle scent is somewhat of an accessory.
Scent adds depth and character to any space, plus it allows you to give each space in your home a different feel.
We attach memories to scents and associate people with certain smells; it's common to think of a scent as if it were an expression of personality.
Here are some candle scent suggestions based on what mood you wish to bring to your space and senses.
Cleansing & uplifting
Choose a scent blend with sage, rosemary and basil to energetically cleanse your space. These fragrances are also great in promoting an uplifting mood. Fabulous for dinner parties.
Nothing beats the gorgeous and sensual scent of rose. Lavender, rosemary, ylang ylang, neroli are also great in promoting a “sensual” & calming mood.
For an invigorating “mood” use candles with Myrrh, frankincense, grapefruit, orange or bergamot. Absolutely delicious!
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