Smudging is an ancient practice that has been used for centuries by many cultures for cleansing, purification, and protection. The word smudging comes from the Old English word "smudian" which means "to make dirty".

In modern times, smudging has become a popular way to cleanse your energy and create a sacred space.

There are many different ways to smudge, but the most common way is to burn sage. Sage is a powerful cleansing herb and can be used to cleanse your home, office, or any space that you feel needs to be purified.

How to Smudge
The first step in smudging is to open all of the windows and doors in the room that you will be smudging. This will help to release any negative energy that may be trapped in the space.

Next, light your sage stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds before you use it. Hold your smudge stick at least 20cm away from your body so that you don’t accidentally burn yourself.

Start by smudging yourself first. Start from the head, down one arm, then the other arm, then move the smudge stick down to the toes. Also smudge at the back of your head.

Proceed to smudge in front of each window and door. You may move your smudge stick to draw a symbol significant to you. At this stage you may wish to chant a Mantra or say a Prayer.

Walk around the perimeter of the room clockwise while wafting the smoke into every corner. As you do this, visualise the smoke carrying away any negative energy. Finally smudge the centre of each room.

When you have gone all the way around the room, open a window or door and allow the smoke to exit.

Thank the sage for its cleansing properties and extinguish the stick in a fire-safe bowl or Abalone shell.

Smudging is a simple but powerful practice that can help to cleanse your energy and create a sacred space. If you are feeling stuck, stressed, or like you need a fresh start, give smudging a try.

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