So who is Dimitra Tzanos? If you expecting an About page written in third person you are in for a disappointment. No one knows me better than I and no gifted content writer can describe my journey better than I can.

I was born in Sydney Australia and migrated to Greece – where my parents come from – at the young age of two.

Fate saw us coming back to Australia when I was seventeen years old.

From as long as I can remember I had feelings of not belonging to this planet. I recall staring at the stars crying every single night and asking them “why did you send me here?” I am a believer that not all of us choose to come back to this planet, some of us are made to.

My early years till late teens would be described as troubled. Of course like many I grew up in what is known as a dis-functional family with an alcoholic father. Experiences which would wound me so deeply that I carried with me for many, many years.

When other kids were running around playing happily I was more interested in finding answers about our existence and specifically mine. Why was I here?

By the age of nine I was able to predict with accuracy deaths within the family and other events. This did not go down well especially given the strict Orthodox culture. This continued and became stronger as the years went by.

Luckily when we returned to Australia an aunt of mine showed interest in my “knowing” and introduced me to clairvoyants and healers. This was in effort to show me that I was not weird or crazy, and to highlight that I had a gift.

As the years went by I did my REIKI Master certification, body access classes via Access Consciousness, CBT certification, NLP and the list goes on. I have spend a lot of time and money in healing my own self.

In the process my awareness has heightened and continuous to be so.

Psychic readings and healings for me were as natural as the morning sun. That ability of knowing has been with me since the early stages of my life.

After many years denying my truth and purpose by “working” on building my career in the corporate world, I decided that I cannot deny my purpose anymore.

I may not resonate with you and that is ok. There is a mentor for you out there so keep looking. If on the other hand, you feel a connection then lets connect and contribute to each other.

In Gratitude

Dimitra Sophia