Preparing for a healing session

Whether you are having a distant healing or in person, there are a couple of  things to consider doing in preparation.


This will enhance your healing experience and make it more potent. 


Below are some considerations to be undertaken 24 to 48 hours before a healing session.

Preparation before face to face healing session


  • Stay well hydrated. Drink plenty of water and fruit/vegetable juices.

  • Eat clean. Avoid junk food, sugars, meat (all meats)  and saturated fats.

  • Avoid alcohol  and if possible caffeine

  • Get in touch with your body and soul by doing a simple meditation. If you don't normally meditate listen to the suggested music below to calm your mind.

  • Set a clear intention of what you wish to receive without going into outcome. At the end of the day your body will guide me for what it needs, however having an intention to receive deep healing with an open mind helps tremendously.

  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day.


I would suggest doing the above for another 1 to 2 days after the healing. Your body will thank you for it as its getting an inner and outer healing. 


If you have to attend a function the night before and cannot adhere to the above it's ok. Just let me know on the day of the healing.

Preparation before distant healing session

During a distant healing the below suggestions can enhance your experience:

  • Start to relax 15 to 10 minutes before the healing 

  • Make a nice cuppa of herbal tea

  • Play some soft music

  • Take a few deep breaths 

  • Set an intention. What do you wish to receive?

  • Try to minimize mind talk

  • Sit back, relax and allow the energies to come through

Music suggestions to calm your mind and body: