Return & Refund Policy

We have a 30-day refund policy, which means you have 30-day after receiving your item to request a refund or return.

We offer gurantee on our electronics products but
it depands on product categories, so read our products description
before purchasing if the products offer guarantee or not.

We offer exchages on electronics products. If you want exchange, you can request for exchange by this Contact Form

Requirements for refund:
If you want a refund, you must have to send us a email: with the refund reasons in 30 days. Our customer support team will send you a further email with the refund process rules.

Circumstances under which you offer refunds:
1) The products must be unopened in original packaging, and products that have never been used.
2) If our delivery man or shipping service provider delivery defective, damaged products.
3) If we deliver the wrong products category, brand, color, size, and false products.

Customer will get refund lebel by this process:
1) Download/print: This happens when the product is incorrect damaged by the carrier, or defective in another way.
2) Customer responsiblity: This happends when the customer purcahsed the wrong products, it does not fi, or they no longer want the iteam.

About return and restocking fee:
1) Customer should not pay restocking fee
2) Customer also should not pay for defective products

About customer refund process:
If you want a refund, you must email us by with refund reasons within 30 days of receiving your order. Our customer support team will respond by email to help your for refund request process. If purchased within 30 days, will refund the purchase price of the products to your credit card or paypal account. Customer shall expect to receive their refund within 3-5 day. We do not take any restocking fee and we accept USD currency and customers can return products by mail. You can apply your return or refund requesing the Contact Form