Austha Suganda Rope Incense
Austha Suganda Rope Incense
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Austha Suganda Rope Incense

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Austha is a sanskrit word that roughly translates to "faith", whilst suganda translates to one of the four fragrances as defined in the Dharma-Samgraha, which is an extensive glossary of Buddhist terms in Sanskrit, written by a monk in 2nd century AD. The scent helps us to connect with the purity of our spirit and our innate knowledge that we are part of the whole universe.  

The Dhupaya incense is traditional to the indigenous people of the Newari Community in Nepal, who burn rope style incense daily during meditation practice and as offerings to the Gods, popular in both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. It is made by turning many different aromatic herbs foraged from the Himalayas into finely powdered form and then wrapping them in very thin strips of Lokta paper (an ancient form of Nepalese artisan made paper) and gently twisting it into what appears to be a rope-like incense.

Package includes 8 x Natural Coloured Rope (Dhupaya) Incenses (each one approx 9cm long)- burn time is approximately 30 mins per rope.

Hand made in Nepal