Incan Incense Sticks - Patsouli
Incan Incense Sticks - Patsouli
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Incan Incense Sticks - Patsouli

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Premium Brazilian Breuzinho Resin Incense Sticks infused with Patchouli oils, hand rolled by Brazillian artisans, using a traditional Incan incense making technique.  

Patchouli has a sweet, warm and spicy scent which is helpful in uplifting the mind, attracting love, wealth and passion. and improving a variety of health conditions such as colds, skin problems and controlling the appetite. It is also often used in ritual work to attract prosperity.

Patchouli has an aroma with a relaxing effect and is ideal in providing feelings of calmness, helping to ease stress and anxiety.

Size: 12-14cm (long)- they are also very thick (approximately 1cm).