Intuitive Painting & Candle Making Workshop
Cosmic Sanctum

Intuitive Painting & Candle Making Workshop

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Creativity is a way to heal your soul. It is a channel to express emotions, self-reflect, tune in to your inner world, listen to your inner voice and release deep emotions.  

Intuitive creativity is a meditative process. It is the act of creation, without judgement, without pre-meditated thoughts. It is letting go of the mind, and allowing yourself to be guided by your intuition. It is focusing on the moment.

This unique workshop is designed to guide you to an inner journey of softness, calmness and rekindle your creativity.  

The workshop comprises of candle making and painting.


Overview of Workshop 

  • Welcome to space 
  • Smudging clearing with sage and Palo Santo 
  • Stepping into breathing, and sacred mudras  
  • Intuitive candle making  
  • Education on wax, wicks and fundamentals of candle making and essential oil / fragrance scent blending 
  • Personal scent blending  
  • Lunch break 
  • Music and movement  
  • Demonstration of painting techniques  
  • Intuitive painting (participants are invited to be in silent meditation during this process) 
  • Reflective meditation 
  • Sound healing  

Knowledge Required 

No prior experience is needed.  

What is included 

All materials provided 

Lunch and refreshments. 

What You will get 

Create and take home a luscious, scented candle and your own unique painting on canvas. 

Time: 10am till 1:30pm 

Location: William Street, Kingsgrove (actual address will be send via email)